Many addiction recovery journeys begin with the support of a peer.


Supporting Peers in the Addiction

and Recovery Communities

Created to help prevent and deter addiction, the SPARC platform engages at-risk youth and their parents in activities intended to teach the key skills and mechanisms needed in the recovery process. 

Educational Activities


SPARC organizes activities paired with learnings aimed at improving coping and self-management skills.

Whether it's biking, hiking, the arts, or yoga, studies have proven that those engaged in physical and mental extracurricular activities have improved social skills, connection, reduced behavioral issues, and countless other benefits. 

Accountability and an active lifestyle -

two things that can really help you live

a Recovery Lifestyle!

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We strive to help individuals improve their coping skills and find their passions with other like-minded, sober, individuals.


To partner with us to create a SPARC program with your community. Call or email to discuss!