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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Easter is it always does. I love Easter. I love Holy Week and all of the services leading up to ”the big one”! I grew up in the Episcopal Church with parents who participated in EVERY Holy Week Service so each year I attended probably six services that one week. And now I am so thankful for all those years of services. For it being ingrained into me that Jesus came here, to live as one of us, to die for our sins, and on the third day to be raised from the dead and ascend into Heaven to live eternally in God’s kingdom. Yes, I am a Christin. And I have seen, first hand, how the birth, death and resurrection work in today’s modern world.

In 2002 I gave birth to two beautiful baby boys, Jake and Drue. Jake was and still is a very healthy boy. Drue however was born with a genetic heart defect. He died four days later. After his birth we had him baptized. I held Drue when he died, repeating over and over, “ go be with God”. I can recall his sweet but sad face looking up at me. He obviously did not feel well.

Two week’s before Drue and Jake were born we learned that, in all likelihood, Drue would not live. I was devastated. I did not really want to be pregnant with two babies, but then accepted it and was happy to be having twins, and then to find out that one would not make it .... it was almost cruel. What was the purpose ?? What was happening and why? Was this really part of God’s plan?? As it turns out, yes, I believe it was. More to come on that in future blogs.

As I held Drue, talking to him and crying, I was filled with a sense of peace and awe that I never expected. Drue was blessed. He was going home, to live with Jesus, in God’s heavenly kingdom. I wished it was me God was taking. But I had Jake, and his older brother Tristan, to take care of. As I learned later, Drue came here to take care of me.

So we buried him, on a beautiful spring day, up on a little hill. And the butterflies came, and they danced all around Tristan.

Since then I always watched for the b

utterflies, for the ones that seem to come here for me. And they always remind me of Easter, and the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Yes, Easter comes to all of us. And even as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I know in my heart that my sweet Drue waits for me, right where he is supposed to be. And now he has his brother Tristan with him. They are together, and someday, in God’s time, we will all be together, because Easter always comes.

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