Courageous Conversations

Addiction is a family disease. 



You don't have to be alone.

Sometimes the conversation begins with a friend, other time with a support group.

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Addiction is a coping mechanism, developed to help deal with childhood or adult trauma, difficult emotions, a loss, or a difficult situation.


A recovery lifestyle includes making choices to improve your health and chance of healing and aligns with your values and life goals.


Taking a seven day sugar free challenge gives you a good idea of what it is like for someone in addiction who is trying to give up their substance.


Co-dependency happens when we cover up, lie for, support or let our loved one's addiction consume our own life. 


Setting loving and supportive, but firm, boundaries may feel hard, but is key to helping your loved one recover from their addiction.


Self-care is critical for the family of a loved one in active addiction and is a great way to model recovery for them. 


To create a recovery lifestyle, it is important to find your passion, increase mental and spiritual wellness, practice gratitude, get proper nutrition and give back to others.